Mirra name derived from a famous Turkish bitter coffee, Mirra sounds both mystical and luxurious and is an all-day restaurant that overlooks the infinity pool and the lush green valleys. Outdoor seating offers the best view in the evenings.

We serve global cuisine and extravaganza in Bakery and Confectionery. But our speciality is the local authentic cuisine bursting with fresh flavours. We have tried our best to cater to all choices, on request we also arrange barbecue on special occassions and accept group booking for corporate dinner. Our in-house Chefs have around 20 years of experience in various sectors of hospitality industry like cruise lines, flight catering, Hotels and Resorts. We strongly support local recruitmnet and believe in team work. Our on the job training has helped us to cater flawless service.

Crimson Peak Our tree bar is one of a kind. Crafted to perfection at a height of 50 ft. Crimson peak offers the best panoramic view of the entire city and the Mullayanagiri range. The unique architecture, with water cascading down the walls and large seating areas, offers the comfort for you to spend hours gazing at the beauty while enjoying a drink or a book. We also offer hand crafted cocktails and appetizers at the bar. It is only a short walk away from the villas.

Crimson peak has a 360 degree view of the marvellous mountain range, sunset point of the town