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Java Rain Resorts in Chikmagalur has a variety of facilities designed to let you forget about the world you’ve left behind. From out-of-this-world dining options to a huge community pool and an exclusive infinity pool, a romantic coffee shop and library, and an exotic Spa, Java Rain Resorts provides the amenities and services that make this location a journey in and of itself as one of the best luxury resorts in Chikmagalur.

Private Pool
Reading Lounge
Hilltop View
Warm Jacuzzi at Java Rain Resorts


The Jacuzzi, with its mesmerising view of the gorgeous mountains and its soothing hydro massage, air pool jets, and chromotherapy lighting, is the finest place to take in the views. Beautiful views and opulently decorated places guarantee an unmatched experience. Enjoy. Relax. Soak and Unwind, Dive in and cool off as a refreshing dip becomes a part of your daily routine


Since the olden days, the ability of archery has had a profound impact on human history in the areas of sport and conflict. It is safe to claim that at some point in our lives, we have always longed to engage in a warlike situation in a game.

Reading Lounge

The Java Rain Resort’s houses a temperature controlled swimming pool that comes with comfortable lounge chairs, under water music and a café nearby.

Special Diet Menus

Dieting is challenging at any time, but when travelling with Java Rain Resorts, you won’t have to think about it twice. On our menus and in their buffets, we provide fresh vegetables. During your visit, look for it. You may load up on fruit salads, whole fruit, green salads, and vegetable sides while still providing your body with substantial nutrition.

Java Rain Resorts' Inviting Pool: Refreshing Oasis Amidst Nature

Private Pool

Our beautiful private pool with a breathtaking view of the greenery of Java Rain is majestic to say the least. Dive into the pool while you have the best views of lush green nature’s paradise at one of the unique resort that is Java Rain Resorts

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Cozy and inviting resort room interiors.
Serene Java Rain resort room exterior embraced by nature.
Fika With Jacuzzi
Fika With Pool
Tranquil poolside setting at the luxurious rooms
Inviting comforts await in our resort room. Best Resorts in Chikmagalur
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