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Coffee, spices, and the life of a plantation. What better way to genuinely experience the ‘Java Rain Resorts’ than to relax in the exquisitely sumptuous ‘Pool’ series of Villas inspired Heritage Pool Villas spread out in charming clusters around this thriving coffee and spice plantation.  While the ‘ Poolside ‘ Villas provide a look into the wealthy life of the gentleman planter, the Heritage Pool villas are inspired by ethnic architecture and provide the utmost in opulent isolation.

Rainy day charm at our Java Rain resort.

The Qahva

Indulge in the ultimate luxury and comfort of our exquisite twin villa, Qahva, where not only will you experience the opulence of a private jacuzzi, a lavish king-size bed, and a state-of-the-art flat-screen television, but also savor every moment with a meticulously crafted, tantalizing cup of coffee. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of our interconnected twin villas, where indulgence meets sophistication in the most breathtaking way imaginable.

Rainy day charm at our Java Rain resort.
Tranquil poolside setting at the luxurious rooms

Fika With Private Pool

The Fika Private Pool villa is the perfect accommodation for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. This villa features a private pool that connects to the living room, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. The villa also includes a standard bedroom and a bathroom for your convenience.

Serene bench in garden with a view

The Fika

The Fika Presidential Villa is an ideal accommodation for large families or groups of 6 to 8 people. This magnificent suite boasts three bedrooms, including one with a private pool and separate living area, another with an outdoor private Jacuzzi and bedroom, and the third offering breathtaking plantation views and a bedroom.

Warm Jacuzzi at Java Rain Resorts

Fika With Jacuzzi

The Fika Jacuzzi offers the perfect retreat for couples or small families, featuring a spacious bedroom with breathtaking plantation views and an outdoor, private Jacuzzi under the open sky. It’s the ideal setting for couples to relax and enjoy the Jacuzzi in complete privacy, while small families can make cherished memories together.

Relaxing resort bed with scenic view in Java Rain Resorts Chikmagalur
Stunning view of our resort building amid nature.

The Kaffa

The ultimate haven for small families with children! Our single villa offers a spacious bedroom with an attached living room, while the deck area boasts stunning views of the surrounding estate. However, the most standout feature of the villa is the open shower, which allows you to enjoy a gentle view of the open sky while bathing. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and nature for an unforgettable stay.

Inviting comforts await in our resort room.


Experience the unparalleled epitome of opulence at Java Rain Resorts with the exquisite Shambhala suites. Meticulously crafted by award-winning designers, these luxurious havens boast breathtaking high-quality designs, generously spacious rooms, and private outdoor sanctuaries that seamlessly merge nature’s beauty with artistic allure.

Inviting comforts await in our resort room

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Cozy and inviting resort room interiors.
Serene Java Rain resort room exterior embraced by nature.
Fika With Jacuzzi
Relaxing resort bed with scenic view in Java Rain Resorts Chikmagalur
Fika With Pool
Luxurious Fika room with private pool.
Inviting comforts await in our resort room.
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