Rainy days are fun, aren’t they? While the pitter-patter of raindrops usually brings good feels, they often play a spoiled sport during family vacations. Pouring rains wash off family outdoor activities. Suddenly there are no hikes, sightseeing, or beach outings. The excitement and anticipation built up for those outdoor activities come crashing down as you peek through the window at the rain-soaked world outside. But fear not! Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to embrace indoor activities with your family. It’s a chance to bond, get creative, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Discover a few indoor activities that can make your family outing interesting even on a rainy day.


Indoor Activities For Families During Rainy Days

 1. Indoor Games

 i) Board games: These are a timeless classic that can bring out friendly competition and laughter among family members. From strategic thinking in chess to quick reflexes in Jenga, there’s a board game for every age group to enjoy.

 ii) Card games: Card games offer endless possibilities, whether it’s classic games like Go Fish or more intricate ones like Poker. The element of surprise and strategy keeps players on their toes and adds an exciting twist to any rainy day indoors.

 iii) Dumb Charades: It is an age-old, hilarious game where players act out words or phrases without speaking while others guess what it is. Dumb charades usually revolve around movie names. It’s guaranteed fun that gets everyone involved and laughing together.


 2. Active Indoor Play

 i) Indoor Obstacle Course: It is a fun way to engage the family in an active indoor activity. Objects like furniture, toys, pillows, etc. can be used to create obstacles that should be easy but a little challenging.

 ii) Balloon Volleyball: This game guarantees thrill and a fun group exercise. A balloon is used as a volleyball and a thread replaces the net. It is a team game where two teams try their best to not let the balloon touch the ground.

 iii) Paper Basketball: All you need is a paper ball and an empty basket. The family members can take turns tossing the paper ball into the basket from different angles and distances.

 3. Relaxing Group Activities

 i) Movie Time: Nothing can beat quality movie time with the family on a rainy day. It can either be a group favourite or a new movie that can be explored together.

 ii) Family Storytelling: Storytelling is a great bonding activity for families on a rainy day. There is always this one senior within the family with several stories to tell.

 iii) Reading: Reading is not as popular an activity among kids as it used to be. However, a rainy day could be the perfect excuse to find some reading time. Classic novels or short stories can come to the rescue during a day indoors.


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